About Us

Our company offers a wide range of products from baklava boxes, Türkish deligt boxes, medical and cosmetic boxes to gift boxes, cake and dry food boxes, textile boxes and bags, fast food boxes to chocolate boxes.


Köseoglu Ambalaj is one of turkey’s leading packaging companies with approximately 25 years of experience and expert staff in the packaging sector. Köseoglu Ambalaj operates in the food and non-food packaging sector with its 4000 m², state-of-the-art production facility located in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone in Istanbul.

Köseoglu Ambalaj, which always adopts the principle of being able to offer its products to its customers in the desired quality and time, aims to raise the bar to the highest level with its quality and service understanding that makes a difference and to be one of the leading companies in its sector.

In addition to Turkey, Köseoglu Ambalaj Exports packaging products in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, England, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Malta Island, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Libya markets.


To be one of the leading companies in both Turkey and the world packaging sector.


To be an exemplary organization in terms of product quality and safety in the food and non-food packaging sector.


In all our activities, we act with a customer-oriented quality approach in all processes from planning to production stage, and we manage all processes with the understanding of “human first and environment first” by prioritizing human health and environmental sensitivity. We take care of the principles of responsibility and sustainability by applying quality management systems and Health, Safety and Environment standards in our fields of study. We work for a sustainable world to protect human and environmental health.


You can reach our authorized personnel for your domestic and international packaging orders and accounting procedures from the following e-mail addresses.